Ava Margitza is the real deal. Like many young people striving for stardom, the 17 year old songstress endured many hours of training in her childhood. Born in Detroit, she moved to Chicago where she picked up elements of Jazz and Blues. Itís her powerful voice topped off with a tantalizing touch of soul that separates her from the rest.

While she's sugar and spice she comes complete with abilities not found in today's performers like Belly and Salsa dancing that brings out her Flamenco heritage.

Ava has the ability to combine all her talents together and implement them into any performance. She's easy to work with and follows direction like a pro.

Itís been a great journey for Ava, and she is devoted to this lifestyle. Ava Margitza is raising the bar for female lyricists with her un-cut delivery and her down to Earth personality!

With a well established and publicized track record of live performances ranging from The American Red Cross Fireman Relief Fund, The San Genaro Feast in Los Angeles. Ava has also opened for the late great Joe Williams in Las Vegas and most recently being invited to the White House for her mind-blowing essay on leadership qualities, Ava Margitza is a unique talent you don't want to pass up!

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